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FAQ'S FROM 2016:

What is the best time to arrive? Find the full schedule here

When do the concerts start? 8:15pm June 16 and 17

When do the concerts end? Approx. midnight June 16 and 17

Is this an all-ages show? The Chuckwagon & Barrel racing grandstand entertainment is all ages! Families are welcome to attend, and there will be fun activities for the kids. The concert hall is restricted to 18+. ID will be checked at the door.

Does my ticket to the rodeo get me into the concert? No, tickets for the concert can be purchased in advance at or at the door starting at 6:30pm June 16 and 17

Is the concert wheelchair accessible? Yes, so is the Grandstand Entertainment

Can I smoke at the concert? No. There is a designated smoking area outside the concert hall on the south side of Entrec Centre.

Is there seating or standing room only? There will be bleachers set up at the back of the concert hall for those who would like. The rest of the hall is GA standing room.

Are we allowed to take pictures or record video? Cell phones, yes. No pro video or photography is allowed.

Can I get a refund on my tickets? Tickets are non-refundable.

Are there VIP tickets available? No

Can I buy tickets at the door? Yes! Cash, VISA, and Mastercard are accepted. There are ATMs in the lobby for your use.

What and where is “Will Call”? Will Call is located just to the right inside the main lobby doors at Entrec Centre, and is an area where purchased tickets are held for pick-up. Have your ID ready!

Does my ticket to the concert get me into the Chuckwagon & Barrel races? No, grandstand admission is taken at the entrance to the grandstand area.

Where can I purchase concert tickets?, Grandstand admission is available at the entrance to the stadium daily

Is the concert outdoors? No, the concert is inside Entrec Centre. No need to worry about rain!

Where do I park? How much is parking? Parking is free, and is available in multiple parkinglots at Evergreen Park

Will I need cash to pay for things? You will need cash for drink tickets. We will accept cash, VISA or Mastercard at the band merch area

What items are not permitted?

The following are restricted items and not permitted on the Evergreen Park grounds or venues:


Any mechanically enhanced noise making devices, specifically air horns with sirens




Gang affiliated clothing

Offensive/Abussively labled clothing

In-Line skates

Laser pointers

Marking devices (graffiti)

Motorized vehicles (except mobility aids)

Any item deemed to be illegal or potentially hazardous to other guests

Pets (excluding Service Dogs)

Professional camera or recording devices

Remote control vehicles including unmanned aerial vehicles

Selfie sticks

Spiked or studded jewelry or belts

Unauthorized advertising

Weapons and dangerous devices of any type such as firearms, explosives, stun guns, handcuffs, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, knives, tools, etc.

Any item Venue Management or Security deems, in their absolute discretion, to be a safety or security concern.


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